Whether you are an expert looking to improve an abrasive application, an operator in the field, or a buyer, we strive to ensure placing your order is smooth business. Choose from any of the unique tools below or just call-us, chat, tweet, or email and our stellar customer service department will help you every step up of the way.

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Industry Terminology Page – See a word that needs further explanation? Want to learn more about the industry? This page includes everything you need to know about Abrasives. Learn More →

Custom Belt Generator – Didn’t see the size you needed? Simply enter a few dimensions and order a custom belt manufactured to your specifications. Learn More →

Grit Table – Grading system defines the grit size using a table comparison of the European grade “P” and the American grade called Cami. Learn More →

Grading System – The American grading system called Cami is not used as widely. Cami is identified by just the number (24 coarse- 1200 super fine). The difference is that the Cami grade is coarser than the P grade in coarse grits and finer than the P grade in the finer grits. The comparison chart is used to help transition and use between the 2 systems. Learn More

Chattermarks – The 2 causes of chattermarks are marks made by the belt splice or the contact drum behind the belt. The splice could be too thick or the contact drum could be out of round or have bad bearings. These charts can help you troubleshoot in either measurement system you are use to using. Metric – Learn MoreStandard – Learn More

Industry Selection Guide – Coming Soon! – Soon you will be able to browse by industry and see the most common products for industry specific application.

Guide to Identifying your Belt Size – Coming Soon! – Soon you will be to download and determine the exact size of the belt or disc you need to replace.