Storage and Safety

Operator Precautions

  • Work area must allow operator to move about freely.
  • Without exception, operator must wear heavy leather or canvas apron.
  • Operator must wear safety goggles and/or face shield, or safety glasses with side shields.
  • It is recommended that the operator wear heavy safety gloves.
  • It is recommended that the operator wear safety shoes or toe guards.

Coated Abrasive Precautions and Use

  • Carefully examine abrasive products for damage. Never use an abrasive belt with a ripped or cut edge, or with severe creases in the backing.
  • Never use a disc with nicks, cuts, or tears on the edge or center hole. Do not use a disc if it overhangs the back-up pad more than 1/4 inch.
  • If a ticking sound or bumping noise occurs, stop the machine and check for machine or belt damage.
  • On back stand operations operator should present the workpiece below the horizontal center line of the contact wheel.
  • An upward stroke should be used when presenting the workpiece to the abrasive belt. It will improve cutting and draw the hands away from the abrasive belt.
  • Run the abrasive belt in the direction of the arrows as marked on the backing. Adjust the belt tension to ensure good contact with the drive and pulleys. This will help the belt to track properly. Too much belt tension can break the abrasive belt.

Machine Safeguard

  • The contact wheel, idler assembly and abrasive belt should be enclosed within a sheet metal safety guard that will protect against belt breakage.
  • An exhaust system should be used to collect dust in all sanding and grinding operations.
  • Sparks from grinding should be directed downward away from the face and body. Do not grind near flammable substances.
  • Make sure the spindle speed of grinder does not exceed maximum RPM marked on the contact wheel.
  • Always check for balance and run-out of the contact and idler wheel.

Storage Facilities

Coated abrasives deliver their performance best when stored and used at temperature ranges and relative humidities most comfortable for human beings. They achieve their maximum efficiency at a temperature range from 60 to 80 F., and at a relative humidity of 50% to 65%.

Improper Storage Can Cause

  • (a) Weakened Bond
  • (b) Curl
  • (c) Brittleness
  • (d) Breaking

Glue Bond Products

Moisture will cause the bond to soften and cutting efficiency will be lost.

Resin Bond Products

The resin itself is impervious to moisture, but the backing is not, and absorption of water will cause it to curl.

Optimum Storage Conditions

(a) 60 -80 F (1 5 – 25 C)
(b) 50% – 65% relative humidity

Recommended Storage Before Use

(a) Leave products in cartons as supplied
(b) Keep canons:

  • Off concrete floors
  • Away from open windows
  • Away from hot or cold pipes
  • Out of direct sunlight
  • Away from extreme changes in temperature and humidity

(c) Allow good air circulation between cartons
(d) Ensure correct stock rotation

  • The most damaging conditions (and the least obvious to detect) are cold damp nights and hot dry days. Correctly stored, Coated Abrasive products will fulfill the task for which they were manufactured.